Although my favorite season, I've come to hate the fall...

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absolutely no offense meant to anyone, but I took the initiative and took some people off my f-list. I feel bad because I never comment on your entries. and I somehow doubt you read mine. But I still wish you all the best! ♥

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Although I didn't comment frequently I always read your entries... which I'll miss to do. :(
All the best.

thank you sweetie, I was mostly afraid I was cluttering up your friends' page with my rambling... all the best to you as well ♥

No, you didn't do that.
I'm missing your entries. :)

For welcoming me to dear friend! I felt so special, your the first person to comment my LJ lol. I'll add you to my friends list if thats alright?

Talk to you soon


absolutely :) as long as you don't mind the fact I post long rambling entries frequently. I've been a little lost and sad myself for a while now. I'm trying not to be that way. but I'll definitely add you back. ♥

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