Although my favorite season, I've come to hate the fall...

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absolutely no offense meant to anyone, but I took the initiative and took some people off my f-list. I feel bad because I never comment on your entries. and I somehow doubt you read mine. But I still wish you all the best! ♥

I figure I should start keeping track of the important things I learn along the way.... those little life lessons. maybe someone else can benefit, right?
1. Never ever believe someone when they tell you the person you should love is the one that doesnt make you feel like you're head's about to explode or that your heart would break and you would die without them. thats what love is. wanting and needing someone. I'm not saying a whole romeo and juliet, kill yourself thing is okay. But at least have passion for the person. because if you dont ever feel like you might not be able to go on without them. well, you probably can and should. funny how that works out so well though, isn't it?
2) have a 4 am friend. always. that person you can call up at the oddest hour of the day or night and spill your guts too. because when it feels like your world is falling apart and you have no one to talk to, thats the absolute worst feeling in the world.
3) you always need to know when to talk and when to listen. because sometimes a friend wants advice. and sometimes they just need to hear themselves talk, because it sorts it out for them. and unwanted advice is rarely followed. and the advisee will wind up pissed because "no one listens to me.." so....yeah. know when to talk and when to listen.
and 4) talk to as many strangers as you can. I'm not talking STRANGE strangers. just everyday people. because more than likely a comment about the weather or a smile and a hello will brighten their day and yours immeasurably. I'm reminded of this article I read about people jumping off of the golden gate bridge. or something. and this one guy, he left a note in his apartment that said "if one person so much as smiles at me, I wont do it." so, smile, make every effort to be nice. you never know who you may save... oh, yeah. no one smiled at him. he jumped. he died. I think it's a romeo and juliet calibre tragedy.... :(
ok, enough imparting wisdom for the night. few people read this stuff anyways. and besides, I'm just a 20 year old child. a stupid girl who got caught up in stupid shit and....well. who wants advice from me anyways, right? :)

This was in a friend's journal and I agreed...
"I just needed some place to type my current thoughts, I needed to know that they were going to be read, whether this is for my ego or not--I do not know--all I know is that it helps to have your feelings somewhere out there."

especially the feelings you can never show anyone IRL. I'm so lost and confused most of the time. I need LJ to vent. my other LJ is read by too many real life friends. my boyfriend included. it isnt a safe place for me to vent anymore. and I dont want alot of people to have a way of keeping tabs on me.
so this is me hiding, out in the open. leave me a message or add me and I'll add you back. Just dont expect me to be anything but myself.


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